The Best Tumblers For Every Occasion! [2021]

Coleman Brew Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

These Are the Best Glasses for Keeping Drinks Cold!

Best for Water

Yeti Rambler 36oz Tumbler with Chug Cap

The Yeti Rambler 36oz Tumbler with Chug Cap is one of the best tumblers we’ve ever used for water, especially when you’re doing work outside and need something with a little extra capacity.

The new chug cap gives a good flow and is much better than the old screw-top Yeti made. This lid has a tight waterproof seal but only takes a quick turn to pop the top and take a sip.

It is insulated with the gold standard double-walled vacuum-sealed sides, so it will keep your drinks hot or cold for as long or longer than any other bottle on the market.

Like all Yeti products, it is super durable, and their patented Duracoat colors are scratch and fade resistant, so your tumbler always stays looking like new.

Best for Coffee

Contigo Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug

The Contigo Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug is revolutionary! When we first put our hands on this tumbler, we were a little bit confused about how the top worked. But we found out it is built with a leakproof auto sealing lid, which ended up being perfect for coffee.

When you’re in the car, walking fast because you late, or maybe have an accidental spill, this auto sealing lid will make sure that you never end up with a lap full of hot coffee.

The lid opens when you press that little silver button on the top, so you just press, take a sip, and then it reseals.

This seal also helps to make sure that heat doesn’t escape, so your coffee stays hot for as long as possible. And when your done the lid unscrews, opens up, and can be thrown into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The base is double-walled and vacuum-sealed to keep drinks hot for 5~ hours and cold for around 19.

It also comes in tons of different colors and styles so you can find one that fits your personality. At 14 ounces, this can easily hold a large coffee even with a little extra cream.

Best for Smoothies

"Big T" 24 oz Tervis Insulated Tumbler

The “Big T” 24 oz Tervis Insulated Tumbler is our favorite choice for smoothies. Smoothies don’t require a ton of insulation because, in general, they are something that needs to be consumed shortly after making them.

In our tests, even in a double-walled vacuum sealed tumbler smoothies still tend to get watery fast.

The advantage of the Big T Tervis is that you get some insulation with the double-walled design, but it is clear, so you actually get to see the delicious smoothie that you’ve created.

And although you can get them with a lid, the wide-open mouth makes drinking thicker smoothies easy.

When you’re done, the wide mouth means you can get a brush in and easily clean the little stuck on bits that inevitably line the cup after consuming certain types of smoothies.

Best for Toddlers

Contigo Autoseal Trekker Kids Tumbler

The Contigo Autoseal Trekker Kids Tumbler is very similar to the Contigo that we suggest is the best coffee tumbler.

The only difference is this one is made of plastic, it is lightweight, it has a silicone wrap for easy gripping, and it is small so that your child can easily keep a hold of it.

But the most significant feature and one that has saved clothes, car seats, rugs, and furniture time and time again is the airtight auto sealing lid. We all know that kids are rambunctious and tend to be less than careful.

But with the auto sealing lid, they can accidentally drop or spill this tumbler, and you never have to worry about anything coming out; it’s watertight!

To drink, you simply press the button on the side and take a sip, and as soon as you let go, even if it unintentionally slips through their hands, it automatically reseals, so nothing spills out.

This bottle is rated safe for children 3 and up, so let them take their favorite drink and feel some independence while knowing that your furniture and clothes will remain safe.

Best for the Beach

Coleman Brew Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

This is the Coleman Brew Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler. When you hear Coleman, you expect high-quality construction and ease of use, but we have to say that Coleman really went above and beyond with this tumbler.

At the top, this tumbler has a thick clear plastic lid with an easy but tight sealing slider to keep out sand and water at the beach.

The body is made of double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel to keep your drinks cold even if your cup is in direct sunlight at the beach or sitting in the hot sand. The vacuum-sealed design will ensure that heat isn’t transferring into the tumbler, and your drink stays cold for hours.

The bottom 3/4 of the glass is also wrapped in silicone so that if your drink does sit out in the sun, you don’t have to worry about picking up a super hot piece of bare steel like some other tumblers.

The bottom of the cup might be the coolest part though, on the bottom of this tumbler is a bottle opener, so you never have to worry about misplacing or forgetting yours at home; no matter where you are, you’re always prepared.

And if your beach is like mine, where glass beer bottles aren’t allowed, it is super convenient to crack a fresh brew, pour it into your mug to stay cold, and safely store the bottles back in the cooler.

The bottom is also lined with a silicone ring to ensure that even if you set your tumbler down on a wet surface, it will remain in place and not slide around.

Best for Alcohol

YETI Rambler Lowball

The YETI Rambler 10 oz Lowball. If you love a good cocktail, then you know that they aren’t nearly as enjoyable from a large tumbler. Good cocktails should go in a lowball glass, and this Yeti rambler is a pretty great option.

Admittedly it’s pretty straightforward as a tumbler, but it all just works. At the top, it has a thick clear plastic lid with Yeti Magslider to keep out dirt or debris.

The walls are double-walled and vacuum-sealed to keep your drinks cold and your ice from watering down your spirit. It’s coated with Yeti’s patented matte Duracoat finish to resist fading, peeling, or cracking.

We wish that Yeti would have upped the glass’s capacity to 12 ounces to add a little extra room, but to be 10 oz is the standard, and that’s what yeti went with. Either way, this glass works phenomenally and is definitely the tumbler you want for alcohol.

Best for Tea

The Lotus Glass Tea Tumbler Travel Mug

The Lotus Glass Tea Tumbler & Infuser is our top pick because it covers every base when it comes to things that you would want from a tea tumbler.

It is made from borosilicate glass, which is one of the strongest and most thermal shock resistant glasses there are. Hence, it is not only durable but can easily handle boiling hot water, and the glass is double-walled so that it will keep your tea warm while staying cool to the touch.

The infuser can be attached to the lid, or it can be dropped into the tumbler, making it perfect for loose leaf tea, fruit infusions, organic coffee, cocoa, or flavored water.

The tumbler also comes with a padded sleeve for extra protection and a travel sleeve that zips up, keeping the glass safe and giving you a handle to attach to your luggage so you don’t accidentally leave it behind.

Sacred Lotus Love put a lot of time and effort into these glasses, and it shows.

Best for Crafting

Civago 20oz Tumbler with Lid and Straw

The Civago 20oz Tumbler with Lid and Straw. When we were looking for the best tumbler for crafting, we wanted a mug that fit a few different criteria.

Something that was cheap since we were making it our own anyway. We didn’t want it to have too many curves so that stickers from the Silhouette or Cricut could easily be used, and we wanted it to remain functional as a really good tumbler.

The Civago met all of these criteria, plus it gave us 18 different color options to choose from, including ones with glitter. You can buy them in bulk for better pricing if desired, and they come with a closing lid and a straw.

So they really had it all, and with the double-walled vacuum seal, it will work to keep your drink cold or hot for just as long as any other tumbler on this list.