The Best Glass Water Bottles of 2021

glass water bottle filled with fruit

Advantages of Using a Glass Water Bottle

Environmentally Friendly

Glass is endlessly recyclable and can be used over and over again. Plastic can be recyclable, but most of it is not, and the type that is, often can’t be fully recycled. These plastics end up in our landfills and in our water systems. Whenever we can, we should all be switching from plastic to glass in an attempt to do our part for the environment.

No Chemicals

Glass doesn’t have any chemicals that can leach into your water. Unlike plastic which often does have chemicals including BPAs, that can leech out from your bottle and into your drink. This is especially problematic when plastic water bottles are left out in the sun. As heat and UV rays accelerate the rate at which plastic can leech chemicals into the liquid inside of your bottle. Get a glass water bottle, and stop worrying about what might be getting into your water.

Crisp Flavor

Glass offers a crisp, clean taste every time. Plastic or metal can alter the flavor of your drink. On top of this, plastic can absorb the tastes and smells of drinks you’ve previously had in the bottle. Imparting that smell and flavor into every drink you put in in your bottle from then on. Glass never absorbs any odors or flavors so you can leave drinks like tea or coffee without worrying about them ruining the bottle. This also allows you to have one glass bottle that can hold all of your drinks!

Easily Cleaned

Glass cleans easily and quickly. Unlike plastic, which will absorb odors flavors and colors of the liquid left inside of it. Glass will never absorb anything, and you never have to worry about it discoloring over time.


Glass water bottles provide better insulation than plastic water bottles. This allows you to keep your drinks colder or hotter for longer.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Glass Water Bottle

Type of Glass

Today water bottles can be made from many different types of glass. They are all more or less the same; you just want to make sure that they are free of any harmful contaminants. If you are going to use your glass water bottle for hot beverages, we recommend borosilicate glass. It has much better heat resistance than something like generic soda lime glass.


Glass water bottles can come in many different colors to match your style and personality. And the best part is that the glass doesn’t use dyes like traditional water bottles, so it stays chemical-free. You can also personalize the color on the lid and outer sleeve of most bottles


Many glass water bottles come with a protective sleeve that wraps around the bottle, protecting it from bumps or small drops. These sleeves are usually rubber, silicone, or neoprene, but they can come in many different materials. It is essential to find one that not only helps you hold onto the glass bottle. But one that also feels good in your hand. These sleeves also come in all kinds of patterns so that you can get something unique to you.


The size of the mouth on your water bottle is something to consider before purchasing. A larger mouth will not only be easier to fill, but it will also mean that you can easily put ice into your bottle, including bigger ice cubes that will take longer to melt.


The spout might be one of the most important factors when it comes to you really enjoying your glass water bottle. These bottles can come with many different spouts, including screw off, straw, flip-top, or bite valve. Pick one that you like using and makes getting water easy. Whether you need a lot of water or like sipping your drinks slowly, the type of water spout is a critical decision.


Most of these glass water bottles come with a protective rubber sleeve that protects them from bumps and drops. But these sleeves are thin and will only go so far when it comes to protecting the glass. It is vital to pick a water bottle with thicker glass if you know that you are prone to being rough on them. But if you are really rough you need to check out our pick for the most durable glass water bottle. It is the only one that can handle real drops and is practically indestructible.


The capacity of the bottle is an important factor when deciding on which bottle too buy. If you only drink a small amount of water or you have access to refill your bottle easily, then a more modest design might work fine. But if you have to go long periods without being able to refill, then you might want to look into something that can hold a bit more liquid.


Best Bare Glass Water Bottle

Kable bare glass water bottle and lid

The best bare glass option is the Kablo Glass Water Bottle. This is a well thought out water bottle, and it shows. It has a two-inch-wide mouth for easy filling. It also allows you to add ice to your drinks if you’d like. The mouth has an airtight seal with its screw-on cap.

The glass is made of 100% high-density borosilicate glass which is made from uncontaminated organic materials. The glass is lead-free, non-toxic, BPA-free, BPS-free, phthalate-free, cadmium-free, and is chemically unreactive, so it will never leach any flavors or chemicals into your drink. Borosilicate glass, unlike some others, is very accepting of hot water. So it can be filled with boiling water without the risk of cracking.

The best part is that this bottle is thin enough to fit into most cupholders, so you can comfortably take this bottle anywhere. Coming in a 32oz and a 20oz option to provide whatever works best for you. They also warranty their bottle and lid. Saying that if either of them breaks in the first 365 days, they will send you a replacement free of charge.

Best with Protective Sleeve

Zulu Atlas glass bottle with protective sleeve

This is the ZULU Atlas Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve. This bottle has one of the best silicone sleeves we’ve seen. It is not too thick but definitely will protect the glass from the occasional bump. It also provides an excellent grip when holding onto the bottle. Making it the perfect silicone sleeve for active users. This sleeve is needed, though, because the bottle is made of annealed glass, which is one of the softer types out there.

The bottle can hold 20oz of liquid and comes with a one-handed, push-button, leak-proof, flip-top cap. The bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe. This an excellent feature because it means that you don’t need to remove the silicone sleeve. Just throw the bottle and the cap in the dishwasher, and it’s good to go. It also comes with a carrying loop on top.

Best Infuser

Lotus glass water bottle with diffuser

This is the ultimate glass water bottle with an infuser called The Lotus Glass Tea Tumbler. This water bottle holds 15oz. It comes with a rustproof 18/8 stainless steel strainer and infuser. It is made with borosilicate glass that is BPA and lead-free with all materials meeting FDA standards. Borosilicate glass can handle boiling water, which is a great feature for a water bottle with an infuser. But it also has double-walled glass. This keeps your drinks, whether they are hot or cold, at their optimal temperature for longer.

For protection, the water bottle has a reinforced glass bottom. As well as coming with a removable protective neoprene sleeve. This protects the glass and helps insulate the bottle even further. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if, for whatever reason, you end up not liking the bottle.

Best with a Straw

Tronco glass water bottle with silicone straw

This is the Tronco Glass Tumbler with Straw Silicone. It is a 20oz glass tumbler made with 100% borosilicate glass that is BPA and BPS free. It is covered with a non-slip silicone sleeve that keeps the bottle protected, insulated, and keeps the glass from sweating. The tumbler comes with an environmentally friendly bamboo lid that is held in place with a friction silicone ring. It also comes with a silicone straw for easy drinking. All parts of this tumbler are top-rack dishwasher safe. And the whole bottle is backed by a one year warranty. So if anything breaks, they will send you a free replacement.

Best Built-In Water Filter

Escape glass water bottle with built-in filter

Many people prefer a glass bottle because they know that if it’s glass, then the bottle isn’t leeching harmful chemicals into their water. But in this same fashion, it is critical to ensure that the water going into the bottle isn’t contaminated. This is where the Escape Glass Filtered Water Bottle comes in to play. It holds 24 oz and is made with glass that is BPA and BPS free.

It comes with a built-in activated coconut carbon filter. That filter is capable of purifying 75 gallons of water, replacing 550 single-use plastic bottles. The filter can remove contaminants as small as 1 micron in diameter and removes 99.99% of tap water contaminants. These filters are also environmentally friendly and replaceable. This glass bottle comes with a 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee. So if you ever decide that this bottle doesn’t meet your standards, then the company will take it back and refund your money.

Most Durable

Glasstic shatterproof glass water bottle

The most durable and practically indestructible bottle on the market is the Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle. This glass water bottle solves the problem of broken glass with its patented double-walled design. The inside is pure glass giving you the comfort of knowing that there aren’t any chemicals leaching into your drink. It also holds the same cleanliness and lack of absorbing flavors and odors that other glass bottles have.

The difference here is the second wall that surrounds the glass bottle. It is made of hard plastic. All of the plastic on this bottle, including the shell, is BPA/BPS Free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and toxin-free. Between the outer shell and the silicone seals, this bottle is protected like no other. But in the unlikely case that the glass does break, it will all be contained inside the plastic shell. This way, you don’t have to worry about picking up broken glass or anyone accidentally getting hurt. This bottle holds 16oz of fluid and sports a flip cap design. It can and can handle both cold or hot beverages meaning the Glasstic is ready to go anywhere and hold anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Glass Water Bottles Better?

Glass water bottles are better than plastic because they can hold water for long periods, or in the heat, without leaching chemicals into your drink. And unlike plastic, glass bottles will never absorb colors or odors so they are extremely easy to clean.

Are Glass Water Bottles Better Than Stainless Steel?

Glass bottles are better than stainless steel. Stainless steel often comes coated in plastic to make sure that they don’t transfer any metallic taste, and acidic beverages can rust them over time. Metal also runs the risk of being contaminated with cheaper, toxic metals from overseas manufacturers.

What Are the Best Glass Water Bottles?

The best glass water bottles are the ones made of durable and thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass. It also helps if the bottle has a protective sleeve for added safety.

Can We Drink Water in Glass Bottles?

You can drink water in glass bottles, even if they are old or have been left out in the heat they will never leach any chemicals into your water like plastic will. The water will stay safe, fresh, and clean.